GSS Super Bowl Coverage  

Sports Talk Raw has been working with Global Sports Streaming since June of 2023. The Boys (Chrome, Unc, Manni, JCash, and Trizmo) of Sports Talk Raw wanted to expand their brand and increase the number of shows they were doing so GSS and STR joined forces to make that happen. Given the Boy’s schedules, remote streaming was the direction we decided to go to accomplish their goals. Remote streaming allowed all the guys to get on from their homes or on their phones when they are out and about and participate in each broadcast.

The technology development in live streaming has jumped leaps and bounds from where it was ten years ago. New companies have developed new services and reduced costs for content creators in the space. Older companies in the space have developed new partnerships and worked on developing better streaming services combined with new developers like Stream Yard, which have leveled the playing field for content creators. With a cell phone or a laptop, creators can now stream to the world. Multipoint streaming allows users to distribute to multiple platforms bi-directionally. One key need is the ability to communicate with all platforms from a single location which now is a standard with content streaming platforms. After working with the guys for a few shows and taking a look at their style and what they want to achieve we went with Stream Yard as their streaming platform. There are so many platforms to pick from we will always keep an eye out to see if there is something better that matches their particular needs. 

As the build up to Super Bowl 58 came into Monday of game week we decided to do five days of livestreaming from Monday February 5th to Friday February 9th. Each night they had a different topic.

The guys set out to drive more traffic attaching their content to the biggest sporting event of the year. They were able to drive 12% more traffic to their shows versus the previous week. They went from about 2-3 hours of content on a normal week to 5-6 hours of content and were able to see growth from the additional live streams. 

It was a great show of effort from STR Boys in an effort to grow their reach and fanbase. They are definitely looking for more viewership and would love your support.

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