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Global Sports Streaming started off with a simple idea; bring more sports programming to fans as it has never been done before. Inspired by the popularity of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and social media platforms we began to see the possibilities of doing the same streaming service concept for sports. Having one platform fulfill the sports fan’s thirst for more sports seemed like a receipt for success. 

If sports are the heart blood of our company than the technology we are developing is the brain that drives the company. We are under development creating the most robust innovative streaming platform ever developed. At the same time, this is not technology for technology’s sake; this is a technology developed with the sports fan and athletes in mind. We know that what currently exists is not adequate for today’s sports fans. We know this because we see viewership numbers falling year after year with all the major sports. We are offering solutions for the athletes to interact with fans in ways not done before and for fans to interact with each other socially using new and creative technologies we are developing. While we are in our development stage we will not stop bringing sports to fans online through social media platforms. We continue to bring our series “Best in Boxing” and “Best in MMA” to combat sports fans and by the end of the second quarter of 2020, we will have another sport on our platform. We can’t wait to let you all know what is coming. We are here for the athletes that compete on our shows and we are here for the fans that love sports and want to see athletes develop into tomorrow’s champions.

“I started GSS at the end of 2015 with big aspirations of building a massive sports platform to rival the big players I knew would eventually get into the space. In 2018, with DAZN, and 2019, with ESPN+, the big players finally got into the live streaming sports. True to the nature of their TV-centric infrastructure they’ve focused in on the big sports that have made them so successful. In doing business as usual they are missing out on big opportunities that are available in the “fringe “sports. Sports that have big followings just not at the level and financing of the major sports in America. This missed opportunity is where Global Sports Streaming will thrive.”

-Armando Bareno

Changing the Game Through Technology
There are those who hold the status quo and there are those who see the future and believe they can make it a reality. At Global Sports Streaming we see how large corporate broadcasters develop for the internet and we scratch our heads. They treat the internet like its a TV and with that, they miss out on massive amounts of innovation and revenue. We see the future and when our platform is completed we will leave the leaders in sports broadcasting scratching their heads. What we are developing for sports viewing is an interactive platform that brings fans closer to each other and closer to the athletes. We have an amazing team of forward-thinking development leads that understand that the current system of sports viewership is failing and how to fix the problem with decreasing viewership. There is no doubt in our minds that we will sit on top of the sports world and technology will be our foundation. 
Creativity in Sports Broadcasting
There are the big three sports inside the United States and football (soccer) outside the US that suckup a majority of the broadcasting dollars. Viewership has declined across the board and increasingly so with second level sports like NHL and NASCAR. There is no doubt that social media platforms and devices have captured the attention of younger generations drawing attention away from sports viewership. We recognize and acknowledge that the way that sports do business now needs to change. Global Sports Streaming understands that there is a market of rabid fans in what we call fringe sports hungry for more opportunities to get to watch, get to know and interact with the athletes of their beloved sports. The large networks don't see the value in all the small sports but we believe the opportunity for massive growth is possible with the elevation of these sports.  
Athlete First Culture
Global Sports Streaming exists because of Athletes and we will never forget that. From the development of our platform and sports, we produce GSS started to elevate athletes. We are here to tell their story and help them navigate the unique road of athletics. We acknowledge that as we grow we will need to expand our resources to elevate more athletes. As the athletes that perform on our platform grow we have services and advisors at the ready to help guide them along their professional journey. Our platform will help them generate large fanbases and put more money in their pockets. Our shows will continue to give them a global audience to showcase their skills. Our team will always be there for them to help guide them with questions and concerns that come with being a professional athlete. We exist for our Athletes. 
The Backbone of GSS
A successful show is when everyone watching enjoys themselves and no one thinks about all the people behind the scene necessary to pull it off.  We have plans to accomplish some of the largest sporting events ever seen in the sporting world. To make that a reality we have an operations team that can plan and execute on the highest levels of sports and broadcast productions. From the audiovisual arena experience to press relationship to ground transportation to athlete logistics to accounting and payroll we will execute at the highest levels. 
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