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Global Sports Streaming was founded in 2015 by Armando Bareno. Armando knew that live streaming was the future of enteratainment when live streaming first came out. Armando created GSS to live stream sports that were not getting any attention from large sports networks. “There are so many sports that have large fanbases that don’t get the exposure they deserve. We are here to give them the attention they deserve.” -Armando B.
We have a deal with Fight Hub TV on Youtube. They are the largest independent boxing channel on Youtube and we use their channel to get the most exposure for our athletes. Fight Hub streams Best in Boxing and Best in MMA.
We also do multipoint streaming so you can watch on
1. Fight Hub TV on Youtube
For MMA we also add


We are in the process of building our online platform and once that is done our live events will move over to our new app.
The process of developing our app is intensive and lengthy. We are committed to building something unique and revolutionary in the sports broadcasting space. Because of all the effort going into the technology we are still some time out before we launch. We are looking at least another twelve months of buidling, testing and tweaking to get it right.
Our platform will be something extremely different than TV being streamed on the internet. We will be using the internet the way it was meant to be used. We are here to disrupt and put the old gaurd out to of business.
More to come…
Please contact through the contact page. Send us your information and we will contact you. If you have fights online have those ready as we will want to take a look at them. If you want to turn pro and don’t have videos of your amature fights; shoot some videos of yourself training. We will stay in contact with all the fighters that reach out and look for cards to put you guys on.
We work with promoters and we will work with you to make the connections with the promoters.
We are always looking for new talent so please reach out and let us know who you are
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