Are you in need of broadcasting service for your next event?

Do you deed your next event distributed on multiple social media platforms?

Are you looking for additional revenue and need pay-per-view for your event? 

  • Our Pay Per View (PPV) system designed for promoters and sports organizations to generate revenue in addition to their in-person audiences. Our priority goal is to bring more exposure to athletes while generating additional revenue for sports organizations. In order to do this, we need a thriving promoter and sports organization system to be able to pay the athletes and generate revenue for the profitability of live sports. We are here to help them do that. 
  • We’ve been producing live shows since 2015 and we are in a unique position to be able to offer a PPV solution as well as producing quality broadcasts for fans, fighters, athletes, sports leagues, and promoters. How does this work? All the PPVs will take place on our GSS app, website, Roku and Apple+ platforms. We will have our paywall, viewing platform, and fan chat all be housed on Global Sports Streaming network. Ask about supplemental programming to help support your broadcasts. 
  • In addition to our fight night promotional show, we will also have supplemental content including press conferences, weigh-in, in camp coverage, in-depth segments delivered on our social media platforms, and promoter social media accounts. All of our additional programming’s will expose more potential fans to your show and to the events assuring more virtual tickets to be sold. We will also work with promoters on fighter matchups to assure fans get great fights making it worth their hard-earned money.
  • Global Sports Streaming is committed to quality sports programming for fans to enjoy and a business model capable of supporting fighters and promoters. If you are a promoter feeling left out in the cold with the new mandated landscape please reach out to us so we can go into more details about this business opportunity. Click the contact link above and let us know you are interested in going over the pay per view options and we will contact you shortly.