Valdovinos vs Castaneda Best in Boxing

On Friday evening (November 17, 2017) at the Salon Mezzanine Hall in Tijuana, unquestionably the Bout of the Night on the 13-bout Borizteca Boxing Promotions fight card had to be the thriller between Ricardo Valdovinos (5-0) from San Diego and Alex Castaneda (3-1) from Rosarito. The two super featherweights literally banged heads for six-plus, action-packed rounds. You heard that right. With everyone so wrapped up in watching this fight, to include the meticulous timekeeper, the bell to end the final round didn’t sound until almost two minutes (actually 1 minute and 51 seconds) past the regulated three minutes.
From the opening bell, both Alejandro Castaneda (l) and Ricardo Valdovinos (r) were throwing punches with bad intentions.
Why was everyone so caught up in Bout #12? For one thing, Valdovinos had promised to knock his opponent out. Second, the mention of that boast must have reached Alex Castaneda and had him training extra hard. Third, during the match, it appeared the treacherous Castaneda made four separate attempts to maliciously headbutt Valdovinos and five, both men were known for their Mexican style of fighting – that in-your-face, banging away at your opponent without letting-up.
Masterfully set up, Ricardo Valdovinos’ left hook caught Alex Castaneda by surprise and down he went. Any lesser of a man would have stayed put on the canvas but Castaneda didn’t hesitate and quickly returned to his feet.
At the conclusion of their exciting bout, veteran referee Jesus Soto raised the arm of the victorious Ricardo Valdovinos. Both men looked tired and beat up.
In the final round of this last man standing battle, Valdovinos landed what everyone believed to be the finishing blow to knock Castaneda out. But, like the energizer bunny, Castaneda quickly returned to his feet as if he had just lost his balance and not been hit by a perfectly thrown, well-leveraged left hook. In the end, all three judges had Valdovinos as their winner: one had it 58-55 and the other two had it 59-54 for Valdovinos.

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